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Editors for source-code are an essential resource for programmers, since they affect the productivity in a direct way. In this opportunity, we want to present SynWrite a practical and powerful web development environment that includes the functions of top commercial brands but in this case, it is distributed at free-cost. In addition, it is possible to extend them through the plug-ins installation, which are written in Python, and they are distributed free of charge as well.

SynWrite Functions

  • Syntax-highlighting, that simplifies the code reading.
  • Support diverse encoding systems (ASCII, Unicode, etc.).
  • Provide several templates to standardize the coding task.
  • Auto-completion function which fires when it is typed the first characters of a recognized tag.
  • Automatically it closes a typed tag, avoiding.
  • Automatic text tab, according to the function's structure.
  • It includes a practical color picker and previewing tool, that it is especially useful for web-page design.
  • Search and replace function enhanced with regular expression's capabilities.
  • Tree view for source code, which allows easy navigation across the project.
  • Integrated file-manager and project-manager.
  • Include a build-in FTP client, facilitating the file-upload to web-server operation.

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