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Page Countster

Page Countster

Page Countster is a small, portable and freeware application designed to scan a network for printers and display the information about them including the IP address, MAC Address, Host Name, Model Name, Serial Number, Total Page Count, Color Page Count and the ink levels.


  • Quickly find printers on a network
  • Auto-detection of network address range
  • Send Printer Information Report to Email Address.
  • Option to save a default network configuration to Config.ini
  • Quickly reopen report(s) via Drag-N-Drop into program window.
  • Send a (Plain Text) test page to any network printer without needing a driver.
  • Quick & easy way to replace serial number (on HP printers) if formatter has been changed...HP's method takes, 10min, an Uber secret code, & an act of congress.
  • Quick & easy of changing the printer's (Ready State) Display Text to any 16 character (max) string. Granted this "feature" is primarily a toy that will be missused...But, I couldn't resist adding it.
  • Can also (quickly) change/update page counts & HOST Name.
  • Scan reports can be saved in either .csv or .tsv format for import into Excel, or reopened to rescan a given group of printers. Emailed reports are in a printable HTML table format.
  • Portablility: requires no install or runtimes
  • Fast: Typically scans at a rate of 20 IPs per second
  • Small: Currently only 282KB

Page Countster Screen Shot


  •    portable
       exports to CSV

  • Cons

  •    crashes if more then 4000 IPs are scanned
       require the program be run as administrator or the scan will fail

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